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iae GLOBAL is an International Education Recruitment and Management company that overseas a network of offices around the world. It was founded in October 1992 in Seoul, South Korea and since then has been instrumental in shaping careers of thousands of students every year by guiding them to study overseas in several top destinations. Since the establishment of the first iae office (iae EDUHOUSE) in 1992, the company has seen phenomenal growth and has developed into a highly recognised brand name. Through our production of consistent results over the period of 22 years with continuous training, investing, dedication and commitment, our offices and services have expanded globally on an exponential scale and gained a reputation for quality, professionalism and innovation in education recruitment and marketing. Our reputation is now a benchmark for student recruitment in international education industry and we are not ready to stop just yet.

iae now has more than 15 sales offices in South Korea, 6 in India and more than 50 branches and joint-venture partner offices in major international student recruitment markets across the globe. These are spread across Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan, as well as support and on-shore offices in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. Today, we are a growing network of more than 70 education recruitment and support offices in 14 countries around the world adding up to more than 300 counseling/sales staff in 58 international branch recruitment office and partners in 13 countries. Together we have aided approximately 80,000 students to achieve their dreams since 1992.

The Indian Head Quarters is located in New Delhi led by the Director, Mr. Chanpreet Singh with other divisions in Jalandhar, Amritsar, Coimbatore, Ludhiana and Pondicherry. Our mission and values indicate that we believe in Equality and Transparency, to treat everyone with equal respect without any discrimination whatsoever, to care and perform with openness and integrity. We take full responsibility for our actions with our students, staff, universities and schools, shareholders and communities. Most importantly, we create an inclusive culture and environment that is based on trust and honesty.

To condense the growth in numbers,
• Total countries recruited for: 16
• Partner Institution Relationships: 2,500
• Global Study Abroad Specialists: 600
• Student Members: 800,000.
• More than 120 offices or partners in 20 countries

We aim to sort out all aspects of apprehension that a student faces when he/she aims to study abroad and accomplish a smooth transition for the students and make it as comfortable and least cumbersome as possible to let them focus only on selecting their desired course and university. The staff do not only possess this extraordinary skill of counseling about courses and universities, they have an immense and extensive awareness of the different cultures thriving on foreign soil and its impact on new comers. So comprehensive information is provided not just on the courses and universities, but also coping mechanisms to deal with a possible culture shock arising from a completely different setup and people residing in the country of study. Overall, our advice/services are personalized, focused, expert, customized and qualitative.

With our growth and authenticity of our services combined with every positive feedback from students who’ve gone abroad, we can see the vision of iae GLOBAL INDIA coming to life in a healthy way, thus taking our quality of services to levels unknown. This quality has been assured thanks to the valuable experience we have gained through the years as a part of our global network.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” They said. We believe that we are the comfort zone for each and every student and we render a new beginning and guide them to a better future to create a better world.